Friday, March 9, 2012

All About Content Marketing -- Getting Spidered

Trying to get a little "link love" --

Need to get that site spidered and indexed by Google.

Some observations.
  • This website is pretty dormant. I got access to it in order to use its PageRank (I think it was advertised as PR8) but it's failing miserably. I checked its PR and I think it was a 5. Still good, but not as advertised.
  • I tried pinging the site above with Pingoat. No luck.
  • It's a WordPress site--I think I just dispelled the myth that "Google loves WordPress." Lucky me.
  • I also tried using Pinterest to get the site indexed. Still no luck.
We'll see if using one of Google's properties can prompt the google bots to take a look at Content Marketing.

Let this be a lesson to beginning SEOs and seasoned veterans -- sometimes it takes a lot of coaxing to get stale websites spidered.

This is one part of my contention that you can condition the search spiders. The owner of the site that All About Content Marketing is on certainly has conditioned the spiders to come back very rarely, if ever, simply by never publishing any content.

I can actually help him get more traffic be simply publishing more often.

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